Hands up.... who  wants
to stop Running?

.....me neither!

No one wants to stop running.

Being injured, or permanently out of the game sucks.

Don’t put up with that, do something about it.

Yo, there's an elephant in the room

And it’s name is impact.    

When we run we exert 2.5 times our body weight in impact.  If you run 50 km per week, and you weigh 70kg then you are absorbing 8.7 million kg of shock impact every week

Wait for it, that is

  • 452 million kg of shock impact a year

  • or 1 billion lbs,

  • or 75,000 African Elephants . 

That isn't sustainable for ever.  


I've PD'd every race 

"I started training with the Bionic Runner over a year ago and I have PD'd every race since."

Tom Bell

Want a training advantage?

Say Hello to the future of running training

Our Vision has always been to create a running trainer that really works.  One so effective that it allows you to train more but get injured less. Make no mistake, you will work every bit as hard as running, your heart rate will be in the same zones but you will have no jarring impacts.  If you want to run for decades, then this is the future.


You can now separate running-fitness-training and running-form-training, 

so you can arrive at race day fast, fit AND uninjured.


Sure you need to run to improve running form, but do you need to run every single session to improve running fitness?  No.  The ability of the Bionic Runner to push your Heart Rate into the same zones as running, and stress the same muscles and tendons, creates physiological changes that improve running specific fitness with out the danger of overextension or impact stresses.



Looks like a bike
...feels like a runner

Unlike bikes or elliptical trainers, the Bionic Runner feels natural to runners.  It has a high kick up at the back, and your foot lands under your body.  The patented 60:40 swing / stance phase timing will feel familiar to you as a runner. We put this mechanism on a bike, so you can train where you run.

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Why does it work?

Running Training causes physiological adaptions to increase the oxidation of fuel by running muscles and to deal with the carbon dioxide and lactic acid produced.
By specifically recruiting and stressing the same muscles as running, the Bionic Runner’s 60:40 swing vs stance phase timing causes similar physiological adaptations to improve running-specific fitness. 
Improve your running fitness

My cadence has increased 6 steps per minute.

John Shaw

World Age Marathon Record Holder 63 years - 2:45:33

(picture - John breaking away to win the World Masters in Perth 2016)

 Get the same training advantage

Great sports people cross train, for very good reasons.

Why do sports people, from NFL to swimmers cross train?   Because it is effective.  And unfortunately, until now,  there has been no effective tool for runners.  Look around you, we get injured all the time.  Plantar Fasciitis, Hammy strains, calf tears, Achilles strains, torn quads, runners knee, hip labral tears, the list goes on.  But now you have the option of swapping out some traditional runs for bionic runs and staying healthy for years to come.

Start Cross Training now. 

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A little bit of science
goes a long way

The Bionic Runner is the result of 7 years R&D.  It has been refined with feedback from runners in 35 countries.  We have been published in the Australian Strength and Conditioning Journal and the Sports Technology Journal.

"I love  being able to train with minimal impact but still achieve results. It is my go to tool in my program."

Mick Thwaites - Australian Team Ultra Marathon runner
- ran 413km in 48 hours after incorporating the Bionic Runner
(picture Mick at Badwater 2015)
 Get your secret training weapon now

Unleash New Training Options

Training with a Bionic Runner gives you a bio-mechanical advantage over just running. For the first time, you can split ‘running fitness training’ from ‘running form training’. This opens up entirely new, never before available training possibilities.


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What about Fartlek and long runs

Fartlek, long runs, recovery runs and intervals can all be done, in the same heart rate zones as running. So you can pick and choose which session you want to run and which session you want to Bionic Run.

Add variety to your training

But there’s more....

There are things you can do cross training on a Bionic Runner (BR) that you cannot do just running. 

  • Bionic Bricks allow you to extend your sessions by doing your normal run and then a Bionic Run at the end. It is a perfect way to safely add volume.  

  • Strength and Resistance training is something that is difficult to do running. But now there is a solution.  Because the BR has gears you can choose to train in a high gear, that provides maximum resistance and you get an amazing strength workout  

I love my Bionic Runner

“I’ve been running as long as I can remember, it underpins my life. When I do a Bionic Brick I am running 23 to 27 kms outside for a long run, and then jumping on the BR after to extend the mileage without pushing into injury,” 

Andrea Katharina

Want to increase training volume safely


Say good bye to injury

and say Hello to healthy

When you train on the BR  you cannot overstride and there is no impact transient.   So you take the two biggest causes of injury out of the equation.  Take control of your training today, get a Bionic Runner for a better running tomorrow. 

 Take control of injury 

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Runners in 35 countries get real results on the Bionic Runner

Join us today, and run well for years to come

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