About Us

Y ou would think that with the brightest minds and billions of dollars of research funded by corporations and universities into everything from gym equipment to running shoes, something would have been invented to reduce injury and mimic running.

Yet, from a dusty tin shed in regional Australia, we invented the first non-impact running trainer to match the feeling and intensity of running.

In August 2010, serial entrepreneur, Steve Cranitch, clearly envisioned the need and put together a research and development plan to find a solution. Yet he never fully appreciated just how challenging it would be, or how long it would take to have it manufactured.

I n his early 40’s, Steve began noticing that many of his avid running friends were being forced to give up running due to injuries. However, the popular alternatives, like cycling, were just not as satisfying and elliptical cross trainers just didn’t feel like running. So Steve got the idea of creating a non-impact running trainer.

The result of his vision is what we now know today as the Bionic Runner.