Finally we can disclose what we’ve been up to

Today we filed our first international patent application “Drive assembly and exercise apparatus including a drive assembly” (WO 2013120126 A1) for the Bionic Runner. So we can finally disclose what we have been up to.

We’ve been developing a new non-impact training device for runners. Running is a popular activity. However, participation in running declines steadily with age. Reasons for this include weight gain, decreasing fitness and injury. For instance, when jogging or running a person’s joints, such as the ankle and knee joints, are stressed due to the relentless impacting of the feet with the pavement. Over time, these impacts on the person’s joints are be substantial and may lead to the person finding running uncomfortable or they may even be unable to run due to the discomfort experienced. Therefore, it is desirable to have an exercise, training and recreational device that simulates the activity of running while alleviating the impact injuries associated with it. It would be desirable for such a device to recruit and train the same muscles used in running so people can continue to train and participate in running activities regardless of their age, weight and fitness level, without the risk of sustaining injuries. The is the goal of the Bionic Runner – stay tuned!