Get fit, Save the Planet

With the latest climate change statistics promising a spike in extreme events and natural disasters, it’s time to abandon the car and jump on your Bionic Runner.

isbane, August 2016 – The world has just endured its third year in a row of record breaking heat, and a new study* into the impact of climate change has revealed an even starker outlook, with the prediction of even more extreme events and natural disasters than previously imagined.

Governments, companies and individuals around the world are starting to realise that something needs to change. "It's really now a matter of whether we can take action fast enough to get emissions down fast enough,” Climate Analytics chief executive Bill Hare – a physicist with 25 years' experience in climate science – said in response to the findings.

Less Driving, Fewer Emissions

As individuals, there are many simple things we can do that will add up to a big difference when it comes to climate change. One of the biggest is to reassess our choices when it comes to driving: less driving equals fewer emissions.

In their latest video release, Australian company run4 put their non-impact fitness trainer, the Bionic Runner, forward as an environmentally friendly transport alternative – air conditioning as standard.

It’s a tongue-in-cheek video, but it carries a serious message. For those looking to replace their daily drive to work with a run – or even walk – the Bionic Runner is the perfect choice, allowing them to get fit (and have fun!) without the risk of injury from regular impact.

Running, without the impact

Launched via a successful crowd funding campaign just one year ago, the Bionic Runner is the world’s first – and only – non-impact fitness trainer to replicate the motion of running: you get all the health benefits of running, without having to worry about the toll your daily run will take on your joints.

Unlike an elliptical trainer, the Bionic Runner has a unique patent-pending 60% swing and 40% stance phase timing, which guides the foot along the path of a mid-foot running gait. “Basically, you not only look and feel as if you’re running, you engage the same muscles as you would pounding the pavement, too, which sets the Bionic Runner apart from any other cross trainer in the market,” explains Steve Cranitch, founder of run4 and the brains behind the Bionic Runner.

Thanks to its non-impact closed kinetic chain, training with the Bionic Runner also eliminates the risk of injury from impact fatigue and joint over extension – the two most common causes of joint, tendon and muscle-related strain injuries.

Best investment in future health

As a cross-trainer, it has already taken the global running community by storm, changing the way in which athletes both train and view injury prevention. And whilst the majority of seasoned runners have sought out the Bionic Runner to help them run through injuries – and prevent their recurrence – for others, the decision to buy a Bionic Runner has been more about choosing a healthier lifestyle.

As time-poor business owners and committed grandparents, Bryan and Kim Ponsford bought two Bionic Runners in order to get as fit as possible, as fast as possible, without placing unnecessary stress on their bodies.

“It was apparent from the first time that we rode the Bionic Runners that they were capable of delivering a great workout in a very efficient way,” Bryan says.

“I am quite certain that our Bionic Runners are the best investment that my wife and I could have made in our future health,” says Bryan. “Having two young grandchildren now, I believe that riding the Bionic Runners will not only help us to keep up with our grandchildren as they grow, but it will also help us to set a good example for them about keeping active.”

Of course, it’s not only their bodies that are thanking Bryan and Kim for their lifestyle change. The more time they spend out on their Bionic Runner, the less time they’re spending in their car: another great example to set their grandchildren. ENDS

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CEO: Steve Cranitch

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*2016 study by German-based Climate Analytics