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How do I organise a test ride?

You can organise a test ride with anyone you meet when you’re out on your runs or who may stop and ask for a go. You can take an ad out in the New York Times. We’re not fussy! However, as a BRuber/BRuber+, your username and general location (e.g town or city) will be listed on a searchable map on our website. People wanting to organise a test ride will visit this map, search for their nearest test ride location, and – if that’s you – be able to send you an email through our website for you to respond to. Then it’s over to you. Once your test ride has taken place, you simply need to log in to our website and register the ride – that way we’ll know who to give the $100 when the test rider goes on to purchase a Bionic Runner.

As a BRuber, you will need to complete 12 test rides before earning commission on sales. Six of these test rides need to be referred via the website. There is no time frame for completion.

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