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How do I become a BRuber or BRuber+?

You automatically become a BRuber if you choose the cheapest pricing option when buying your Bionic Runner online. By opting for this discount, you agree to give 12 test rides – a minimum of 6 of which will be referred to you through the website.

A BRuber will automatically become a BRuber+ when they have conducted those 12 test rides and logged them on our website. At this point, if any of those 12 test riders go on to buy a Bionic Runner, the BRuber+ will be allocated $100 store credit.

If you didn’t opt for the cheapest pricing option, but still want to offer test rides in your local area, you can still sign up. You will automatically be given BRuber+ status on sign up, and will be eligible for $100 store credit should any of your test rides are converted into sales.

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