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Where can I test ride a Bionic Runner?

Pretty much anywhere! We have a global network of Bionic Runners known as BRubers who are waiting to give you a test ride! To hook up with your nearest BRuber, simply visit our website and search for your location. You’ll be able to send an email through our website to the most convenient BRuber, and they’ll take it from there. Best of all, when you meet up with your BRuber, they’ll be able to share their real-life experience with you – it’s not like trying it out in a bike shop!

After your test ride, we’ll touch base with you to see how you went, so look out for an email from us. We’re also sure you’ll have questions, so would encourage you to revisit this knowledge base or jump onto our forum to ask any questions you may have about the Bionic Runner or other product from run4 after your test ride.

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