"It's like running on a cloud."

Swap two runs for Bionic runs

get the same workout

and remove 9 million lbs of impact every week.  It's not rocket science.

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Ellipticals are average

..so we thought we'd make them outstanding 


Let's face it, they weren't designed

for real runners.

Not enough thought went into their design for runners.   So we decided to look at what was wrong with them and fix it.  We looked at the foot path, the kickup, the landing, the angle of the ankle and knee, and the timing.  We spent 4 years in R&D,  we created prototype after prototype,  we had feedback from runners....... and then we cracked it.  


Until now all elliptical trainers used a straight crank arm that connects the bicycle crank to the track or swing arm. This outdated design is the cause of the problems runners have with ellipticals.


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The research all pointed to a "U" shaped crank arm

...and that changed everything

In the end it sounds simple.  We changed a straight arm on an elliptical into a “U” shape, but what that did was change everything. It gives you a high kickup, your foot lands under your body and it alters the timing so it feels similar to running without the thuds. Most importantly it gets your heart rate into the same zones as running, and it exercises the same muscles and tendons. 

..and a pivoting pedal

to ensure correct joint angles

OK it’s not rocket science, but no one had done it before.  Ellipticals previously all used foot platforms that don't follow your foot angle.   We changed this by using a pivoting pedal. Your foot is always at the correct angle and in full and constant contact with the pedal surface.  Combine this with the non-impact landing and it protects your legs, ankles and feet from common overuse injuries like plantar fasciitis, achillies strains, calf tears, ITBS, and runners knee.

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.....the motion path became natural


Unlike a standard elliptical foot platform that is fixed, the pivoting pedal of the Bionic Runner moves with your body not against it.  This ensures  that your foot, ankle, knee and hip all move naturally.  You are in full control, not the machine. You can forefoot, mid-foot or heel strike.  The "U" shaped crank ensures you get a high kickup at the back and your foot lands under your body, something no  standard elliptical does.    

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....and it now has the rhythm of running  

the “U” shaped crank arm, replicates the running timing of 60% swing and 40% stance phase. You cannot get this on a standard straight arm elliptical. This unique running technology is patented and only available on the Bionic Runner.


So your heart rate is higher, faster - like running.

In a research article published in the ASCA Journal, The Bionic Runner was able to reach maximum heart rate achieved on a atandard elliptical in half the time, making it perfect for both Fartlek, tempo and HIT. The session data opposite is from a tempo session.

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It's like running on a cloud

No more injuries

  When you train with a Bionic Runner you remove impact fatigue and over-extension injuries from the equation.  The Bionic Runner is a closed kinetic chain, so it is impossible to overstride.  Your foot is also in constant contact with the pedal so it eliminates impact fatigue.  No running shoe can do this.  

...and the results are ground breaking

I mean literally ground breaking

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John Shaw

Sets world record at Perth Masters 2016 2:45:32 - fastest marathon ever by 63 yo.  

"Since training on the BR my cadence has increased 6 steps a minute.  That makes a massive difference." 

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Mick Thwaites

Mick Thwaites competing in the 2016 Australian Ultra Championships ran 413km in 48 hours setting the longest 48 hour distance in the previous 5 years.  He trained almost exclusively on the BR for the 4 months previous because he was recovering from a heel fracture. 

"The Bionic Runner is my "go to" tool.  It allows me to balance my running fitness training, so I remain injury free. I'd recommend it to any runner that wants the same." 

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 Tom Bell

"I've PB'd every race since training on my Bionic Runner 12 months ago.  I have also qualified for Boston in 2018." 

Get a real runners workout

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Swap two sessions for Bionic Runs and remove

9 million lbs of impact a week

Which sessions do I swap out? It’s up to you.  Most people select a recovery run, and then a fartlek, interval or LSD.  In any case removing 9 million lbs of impact a week will make a huge difference.

Find out exactly how much impact stress your current training puts on your body every week, 

and over your whole career. 

...and the bonus

It is an awesome sport in it's own right.  It is a challenging, exhausting, muscle building, heart pumping Adrenalin rush that will have you addicted from the start, will take you amazing places and will finish with a runners high.