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ITB Syndrome

The Iliotibial Band Syndrome (also known as  ITBS or Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome ) is a common overuse injury among runners affecting the musculoskeletal structures of the outer thigh and knee. It causes pain on the lateral side of the knee during running.

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  Treatment for ITBS

Since ITBS is caused by repetitive movements, the initial treatment for ITBS is RICE which stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation. In some cases, anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen and steroid injections can help reduce pain. 

If symptoms get worse and were not addressed by  RICE, physiotherapy is needed. Physiotherapy will focus on pain reduction, flexibility and return to function. To reduce pain, hot compress, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) or therapeutic ultrasound are used. Since one cause of ITBS is decreased ITB flexibility, proper stretching is necessary to increase the flexibility of ITB. Stretching of the gluteal muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings, gastrocnemius and soleus are also incorporated in physiotherapy. When symptoms are improved, physiotherapy can now progress to strengthening and endurance exercises targeting the hip abductors and knee flexors and extensors. Joint mobilization and soft tissue massage may also be included to the program.

The patient must continue to do the exercises that were taught in physiotherapy at home for maintenance purposes. Runners will be educated with the correct running and landing techniques and proper footwear as well as accessories. 

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