Bionic Runner- Gen2

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Pound for pound the best value running trainer bar none.

Firstly you will notice she folds down, making her perfect to throw in the car and take her to where you want to train.

She has an 8 speed internal gear hub, which means very low maintenance and no derailleur hassles.

The frame and all components are 6061 aluminium that are T$ and T6 heat treated to double their strength.

In the cockpit she has ergonomic grips and bar ends so you get a comfortable grip and can muscle up hills.  There are disc brakes front and rear.

The pedals are full aluminium and are cnc cut.  They have our world first safety axle and silver studs for better grip.

The Gen2 is the perfect foray into the world of Bionic Running.

Your Bionic Runner normally ships next day from our warehouses in Las Vegas, London, Sydney and Shenzhen.  We normally use UPS, DHL or TNT.

We believe you will love your Bionic Runner, and so we offer a 21 day money back guarantee.

If you wish to return the Runner it must be undamaged and returned in the original packaging.

We will refund 100% of the product price, minus a $50 restocking fee and the cost of shipping in both directions

Because they are awesome, great fun and will provide a serious training advantage. In a nutshell they work. We have aged based world records holders that train on it and we have been published in the Australian Strength and Conditioning Journal and the Sports Technology Journal.

The Bionic Runner will provide you with a range of non-impact training options like fartlek, intervals,, LSD, and resistance training.

So you can increase your strength and condition and remain injury free.

It is the only running cross trainer that uses the patented 60:40 swing /stance phase timing.

Unlike an elliptical it has a high kickup at the back and your foot lands under your body.

So if you want to arrive at race day, fast, fit and uninjured, get your bionic runner now.

 We have people using the Bionic Runner that range from 5’2’’ to 6’6’’.  Unlike a bike there is not a seat to contend with so your body naturally adjusts to the most comfortable distance from the handlebars.


 We require that the Runner is assembled at a bike shop to ensure your safety and to comply with the warranty conditions.