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Bionic Runner Gen 2 Features  - VIDEO

Pound for pound the best Running Trainer in the world.

Gen2 - Bionic Runner

Pound for pound the best running cross trainer bar none.

It's long stride, it folds, it has an internal gear hub and it has our patented Bionic Runner technology - you will not find that on any other running cross trainer.

We are excited to show you the Bionic Runner Gen2

We now have this model being used in 35 countries around the world.  She is awesome value and a blast to ride. 

Folds for easy transport

So you want to take he in the car, no problemo. The Gen2 is the ONLY running trainer that folds for easy storage and transport.

This means you can train where you want. 

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Patented Bionic Runner Technology

At the heart of the Bionic Runner is our Patented Bionic Runner motion. It is only available from Run4, you cannot get it anywhere else. It creates a gait that has a high kickup at the back and your foot lands slightly infront of your body.

This means you are exercising the same muscle groups as running. In addition, and only found on the Bionic Runners is  the 60:40 swing stance phase timing .  This really is a game changer. When we run we spend more time in the air than on the ground. We have matched this pattern, so you get a feel and timing that more closely resembles running than any other trainer.


Match Running Heart Rate Zones

These two features combine to give the third unique feature of the Bionic Runners. The ability to closely match you HR zones in running . You can get your heart rate very quickly into running zones, and then keep it there. This is something that is really difficult to do on standard cross trainers. Another unique feature of the Bionic Runners is that they are the only cross trainers with a pivoting pedal. Now you are probably wondering why this is important.


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Awesome for injury recovery with pivoting pedal

Another unique feature of the Bionic Runners is that they are the only cross trainers with a pivoting pedal. Now you are probably wondering why this is important.

Well firstly, having a pivoting pedal ensures that your foot is at the correct angle at all stages of your gait because the pedal naturally pivots with the angle your foot wants to be in. Next, it means that you are not overloading your lower leg so it is an ideal tool to use to recover from injuries like stress fractures, Achilles injuries, plantar fasciitis, calf tears, runners knee, and ITBS. Check with your medical practitioner first, but we have many customers who have successfully trainer on the BR with these injuries and swear by it.


Patented "U" shaped Stirrup

Patented "U"Shaped Stirrup The stirrups are a piece of engineering brilliance. These are not cheap welded tubes, but rather one piece of aluminium that is forged 4 times to make it’s shape.It takes the force of a 1800 tonne forge to create these beauties– to put that in perspective that is the same weight as 857 Tesla S cars!


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Premium 2 piece Hollow Spindle Cranks

The cranks are a premium 2 piece crank with large external bearings. Awesome for smooth hassle free BRunning.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

8 Speed Internal Gear Hub

If you are looking for a hassle free experience you need an internal gear hub.  This 8 speed internal gear hub is world apart from cheap derailleurs.  The are virtually maintenance free and have a 325% gear range.


Your Bionic Runner normally ships next day from our warehouses in Las Vegas, London, Sydney and Shenzhen.  We normally use UPS, DHL or TNT.

We believe you will love your Bionic runner. So we offer a 21 day money back guarantee from the date of purchase. In the unlikely event you want to return your Bionic Runner, please be sure you keep the box it shipped in and the protective materials,  You must have these to return the BR to us.  You will need to forward us a signed copy of the assembly checklist, showing that the Bionic Runner was assembled by a professional bike shop.  The Bionic Runner must be in an undamaged condition. You will be refunded the full price less the freight both ways and a restocking fee of $200

Because they are awesome, great fun and will provide a serious training advantage. In a nutshell they work. We have aged based world records holders that train on it and we have been published in the Australian Strength and Conditioning Journal and the Sports Technology Journal.

The Bionic Runner will provide you with a range of non-impact training options like fartlek, intervals,, LSD, and resistance training.

So you can increase your strength and condition and remain injury free.

It is the only running cross trainer that uses the patented 60:40 swing /stance phase timing.

Unlike an elliptical it has a high kickup at the back and your foot lands under your body.

So if you want to arrive at race day, fast, fit and uninjured, get your bionic runner now.

 We have people using the Bionic Runner that range from 5’2’’ to 6’6’’.  Unlike a bike there is not a seat to contend with so your body naturally adjusts to the most comfortable distance from the handlebars.


Bionic Runner Assembly Video And Manual

We require that the Runner is assembled at a bike shop to ensure your safety and to comply with the warranty conditions.

Bionic Assembly - VIDEO

The Ultimate in Running Cross Trainers

Bionic Owners Manual

Owners Manual

Assembly Instructions

Assembly instructions for bike shop

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John Shaw - Aged Based Marathon World Record  

" After training with my Bionic Runner I increased my cadence by 6 steps per minute before running 2:45 in Perth to create an aged based world record. "

- Australia

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Scott Brown

" The bionic runner has totally transformed my training. From the day I first received it in June 2014, it has been a major part of my fitness life. It has helped me stay healthy and strong and achieve some of my longest running distances in training I have been able to reduce the impact of my running by 50% through incorporating the bionic runner into different workouts. I use it for Hill repeats tempos, intervals and bionic bricks (Brun- run-Brun ) ."

- Canada

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Mick Twaites - Australian Ultra Marathon Team

" After sustaining a heel fracture, I trained almost exclusively on the BR and after 4 months I ran 413km in 48 hours, which is the longest 48 hour distance in the past 5 years. I love my BR's and have a Gen2 and a PRedator."

- Australia

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Maggie Mason - beat Califonia marathon aged based record

"  All told, it supplements my mileage in a way that lets me stay competitive while avoiding the pounding, and it has made me stronger! I love it

I use it to add to my weekly running mileage, and it has allowed me to stay strong and uninjured through several training cycles, including my last one when I ran the California International Marathon on my 60th birthday and beat the course record for my age group! I use it twice a week; once to commute 25 miles round trip to work, and once for a shorter ride. All told, it supplements my mileage in a way that lets me stay competitive while avoiding the pounding, and it has made me stronger! I love it and I'll use it until it dies (if ever--it is super well-constructed), then get another"


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David Niles - elite Marathon massage therapist

"I love the bionic runner. My goal was to run again without impact on my knees and the bionic runner solved that problem .  I received my Bionic Runner June 2016. I stopped running for a few years as my knees started bothering me.  I used the Bionic Runner daily, running 5 kilometers a day for 3 months straight. After 3 months of daily use I was surprised to find the pain in my knees disappeared. My main goal purchasing the bionic runner was to be able to run on the boardwalk every morning. I was happy to achieve this goal and also to find that the bionic runner fixed my knee pain. I like that the bionic runner is easy to store and transport. The 8 gears are great for riding on windy days. The customer service has been excellent.  I am very happy with my purchase."


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Kevin Moore

" Received my Bionic Runner 2 on Fathers Day 2016 ... Have been addicted to riding it every day since.

What I love most about it is its ability to emulate the feel and training benefit of a running workout. In my case a track workout, as I generally take it to the track everyday. I go to the track at time periods when its fairly empty. I start with a 5K - 8K tempo and then finish up with some interval training of various distances from 200m to 1600m. "


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Randy Miller

The challenging workouts not only benefit my running but my cycling as well.

Oh let me count the ways I love my BR1. * Being seen around town and the unusual looks I get. *Explaining to people what the BR is and how it works. *Seeing the excitement on their faces as they go for their first ride. *The challenging workouts and how they not only benefit my running but my cycling as well. *The low impact it provides for my body. But mostly how fricken cool it looks.  Thank you Run4!


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Pam CD

An hour on the BR leaves me feeling as if I ran for an hour

I've been training on my BR since September of 2015. It quickly became not only my favorite cross training to running but something I have used to replace many of my long runs in an effort to preserve my knees for the "long run" (see what I did there). There are so many things I love about my Bionic Runner but these are my top reasons: I love that I can get a superior workout in a short amount of time. I love that my training on the BR mimics running in most every way, including, heart rate, perceived exertion, calories burned and an hour on my BR leaves me feeling as if I ran for an hour. The best part about all this training is that I am able to substitute many of my runs for a BR run without losing running fitness and all while not putting any stress on my joints. Strengthening my running muscles, getting a great workout, including a runner's high and all the benefits of running without any of the negative effects to my body makes me forever grateful to Run4 (and Steve) for creating such a fine machine. Which leads me to the last thing I'll mention that I love about the BR,(although there are many more things I love, like the ability to ride it just about anywhere and fold it up to fit in my car) great customer service and a company built on integrity and dependability.


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Adam Lovegrove

I have used EllipitGO, a Rowbike, a Kickbike, a Streetstepper and a StrideCore. They were all fine.  In terms of intensity, nothing compares to Bionic Runner. I train six times a week with aerobic workouts on the BR, and also uses it for commuting.  I also do two hill interval sessions on the Runner, andI vary the intensity of these workouts from slow steady to tempo sessions.” 

UK - Masters of Physiotherapy

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Andrea Service

“I have always run, it defines who iIam. But I had been basically broken for two years.  I swam, biked, strength trained but I love running and would always return to early and get injured again. I then bought a BR after trying a friends.  The BR forces you to have perfect running form. You are pushing straight down with your leg without over-striding, which gives you that nice high-cadence feel, and if you slouch with fatigue, the machine gives you a slight kick in the calf! It’s changed everything! I feel as if I can get back to proper racing again. I’m also using it to extend my long runs, so I am running 23 to 27 kilometers outside for a long run, and then jumping on the BR after to extend the mileage without pushing into injury."


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Andy Gray

"Running is a gift.  I use my BR as a core part of my marathon training.  It keeps me injury free. On top of its design, form, and function, a product is only as good as the people that stand behind it and the community around it.  The Bionic Runner was invented by runners, for runners, to augment the running experience.”

- Australia

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Bob Kajawski

"Instead of doing a 20-mile run, I do a 10-mile run along with a 20-mile Bionic run. This gives me the same benefit of a 20-mile run with significantly less stress on my body. I've been able to increase my running mileage because I no longer have to subject my body to the stresses of really long or hard sessions, I do those on the Bionic Runner.”


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Chris Rizzo

When I saw the Bionic Runner and how it simulated running more than the ElliptiGO shuffle, I knew I had to get one.  When I started riding the BR it was even better than I expected. The Bionic Runner is for me the best money I have ever invested in fitness.”


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Glenn Drayton

" I use the Bionic Runner to add more running type mileage to my programme. The BR is the ultimate tool for building aerobic base without risk of injury. I can do a two-hour session on the BR, get a great training effect on my running core and aerobic system, and effectively add 20-plus kilometers to my weekly programme.” 

- Australia

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Ian Gunn

" You can’t actually beat the sheer freedom of running, however, if like me, you can’t actually run anymore, then the BR is as near as you’ll get."


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John redos

“I am six-foot-three, 190-pound guy with size fourteen feet! On my first ride, all of my size apprehensions quickly disappeared. I felt comfortable from minute one. It took me a bit to get used to the shifting because it is so different than my road and mountain bikes. I train hard on a 16-mile course near his home in Pennsylvania, and I average 82 percent of his maximum heart rate on the course, which compares well with my heart rate on a six-and-a-half mile trail run.”


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Nicole Dissell - multi aged based world record holder

“It’s a very good complement to my regular running training sessions, as I’m still strongly driven, enthusiastic and I have some hard goals set for myself,” she says. I use the Bionic Runner now foremost to strengthen my core and because I really enjoy running on it,”

- Netherlands

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Rob Gardner

"I had worn down the cartilage on my right knee such that I was down to bone on bone. I could no longer run. I had an operation and had to reduce my running to under 25km a week. When preparing for running races I use it about three times per week. I do some of my higher impact sessions or longer volume sessions on the Bionic Runner, as these tend to result in knee pain in the following days if I run these sessions. The Bionic Runner was paramount in the rehabilitation of my injured knee to a point where I can run again quite regularly, it prolongs my running life.”

- Australia

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Rod Evans - 5 time world record holder cyclist

“Up until the mid-1990s I was a competitive cyclist, I broke five world ultramarathon cycling records – 100 miles, 200 miles, 12-hour, 24-hour and 1,000 kilometers. I also set a record for cycling all the way around Australia, but I couldn’t run more than 100 meters. Cycling fitness does not translate to running capability. I am using the BR to build running fitness. It’s potentially brilliant. It could revolutionize how runners train. Breakthroughs in athletic performance come from trying and doing things that, at the time, might seem strange to others.”

- Australia

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Scott Olitsky - Surgeon

I feel the workout is very similar to running. I feel like I can get my heart rate up and yet, even after a long run, I do not have discomfort in my feet or legs, let alone my neck.  It lets me run again without the running.”


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Stephen Wilburn

"I was dubious of the BR before I purchased. However I had my first personal best at a half marathon for three years after training on the BR for 6 weeks. It activates my quads and glutes, and actually makes me stronger running. I typically use it for aerobic workouts. I do 90 minutes, three times per week, which is 20 miles per session.”


"I am a RRCA running coach, marathoner, and ultramarathoner with over 40 marathons and ultra-marathons including the Boston Marathon, and the Pinhoti 100. The Bionic Runner gives you a great workout that you can take almost anywhere at nearly half the price of the competition."

David Mc Cray - marathoner, ultramarathoner, coach.
"I miss running and the Bionic Runner has allowed me to get the high of running without the impact on my knees. It has saved my sanity as running was helpful for my mental health. The Bionic Runner has been a life saver, mentally and physically because I can no longer run without pain. It is money well spent."
Karen Doi


"Plain and simple, it's the running gait that makes it ideal for me. I have to avoid a heel strike and this has helped enormously. From a heavy heel strike runner to pose running in a few years has been a challenge but now because the the BR i'm able to run further and longer. If you have an ongoing running injury or your running style needs correcting this machine is great! 

Jeffery Webb.


"I started running two years ago and fell in love! After a bout of tendonitis in my ankle arose 3 weeks before a race forcing me to DNS, I started looking into something that would allow me to continue training. The Bionic Runner (Predator) was exactly what I was looking for! I was able to train for a half marathon all summer long, and it would not have been possible without the BR. I've been Bionic Running for 6 months, primarily for intervals and hill training. "

Amy Raydo - marathoner.


"I started running about 4 years ago at the age of 47. I did very well and pretty much always placed in my age. Earlier this year I suffered my 2nd stress fracture which led to tests that revealed that I have osteoporosis. I've been using the Bionic Runner for endurance training for 5 months, to allow me to run even though I have osteoporosis, and my son uses it for his bilateral shin injuries. I love that the Bionic Runner simulates running, is easy to transport as it folds. Bionic Runner is the smartest tool any runner can own and a must to be able to stay in running shape without overtraining to injury."

Bobbi Lynn Bolton - 1/2 marathons.


I have been running pretty much all my life and try to run 4 miles 2-3 times per week. I'm Bionic Running after 4 knee surgeries, using it for its non impact training since Dec 2016, averaging 10-15 miles per ride. It lets me get the running experience without the running impact. I would recommend the runner. I have been very happy with the purchase. Quick response time and action from customer service. "

Ben Pettus - life long runner


"My name is Dirk-Jan Hager, 56 years young and living in the Netherlands. I started running some 8 years ago, after about 40 years of Judo, and loved it. I developed osteoarthritis in the hips, found BR as running alternative and have been using it for 8 months, just riding and enjoying. Simulates running without the impact. The Bionic Runner is a fantastic workout bike."

Dirk-Jan Hager - runner..


"The BR I would say is the best, machine to mimic the running stride on open roads. It will give you a great muscle and cardiovascular exercise in a short amount of time. As far as I know, it’s also the best bargain and at a top notch quality. "

Jean-Yves Nourdin - runner.


"BR allows me to continue training to participate in races; the last one I did was the 10K Marines Corps. Three years ago I fractured my hip and since I am addicted to running, the use of BR has been excellent. I've been Bionic Running for two years and I train myself to run. You will not regret buying the Bionic Runner!"

Isidoro Cazares-Cruz - 10k runner.


"Ran for 30 years before I had my knees replaced. 5K (15:30), 10K (32:40), 10M (52:42), Half Marathon (70:06), Marathon (2:36). Started coaching 37 years ago and still doing so. After my knee operations I needed something that would replace running without the impact. Two years of BR. If you have an injury or can not run anymore. The BR enables you to keep you fit while recovering. 

  Laurie Graham - marathoner, coach.


"Among the things I like best is the cardio aspect of BRunning, as opposed to cycling or gym cardio equipment. Also, I can feel and see the added strength and muscle gain in my legs. I think the BRunner is a very well-designed, high-quality piece of equipment. The welds, machining, the way all the parts fit together - it's just beautiful, really better than I anticipated.

Elvin Brownlee - Runner.


"Very similar physiological effects as running. The Bionic Runner is the perfect and very portable piece of equipment to allow an athlete of any ability to meet recreational or race specific running goals without the pounding or force on their body. The Bionic Runner Customer Service Team is first class! I have completed 8 road marathons (qualifying for the Boston Marathon on all 8 (I’ve run the last 3 years at Boston). Placed 1st Masters Female. Currently training for my first Ultra marathon. The North Face 50k. I use Bionic Runner to add volume to training without risking injury or over training. I've been Bionic Running since June 2016, for marathon (and now ultra marathon) training, endurance and recovery training. I love it."

Janelle Johnson - marathoner, ultramarathoner.


"Coach of athletes for approx 20 years coaching mainly sprinter and jumps. Have had the machine for approx 18 months and mainly doing recovery sessions or rehab sessions. I would have no hesitation in recommending. Customer service has been good."

Wim Vaessen - coach.


"I've been running for 40 years. I've run numerous marathons, 1/2 marathons, 10 mile races, etc. Running is part of my identity and a major source of stress relief and calorie burn. Bionic Running allows me to run in spite of osteoarthritis in my right knee, as it's a great non-impact exercise. I've been Bionic Running for 15 months, 6-11 miles at a time with elevation change and have no plans to stop. If you are sitting on the fence Just Do it! The value is outstanding and the freedom to "run" again is priceless.

David Keller - life long runner.


"t's so fun. This what I tell just about everyone who asks me about it (which happens every time I ride it). Customer service has been very good. BR requires very little maintenance, always ready to go. While it is a serious and effective training tool, it is just a blast to ride."

Jim Lane - Runner.


"I am a casual runner. I am using running to lose weight and get in shape. I had to severely limit my running due to shin splints, which the BR eliminated! I've been Bionic Running for a year, three times a week for half an hour at a time. The Bionic Runner is a great piece of equipment for exercise. It gives a better workout than a bicycle. It is injury free compared to running. Your customer service is great. I had some minor shipping damage which they resolved for me without much fuss."

Douglas Palmer - casual runner.


"Highly recommended for someone looking for low impact, sustainable outdoors exercises. I love the outdoors experience, it's more challenging than seated bikes, low impact to knee joints and most importantly being able to provide a sustainable exercise routine that I could perform. Excellent outdoors exercising machine that everyone ought to give it a try.

Jerry Chao.