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We are excited to show you the PRedator Pro.

The Predator was created by  feedback from runners in over 35 countries . It really is a wicked cross trainer and we are very proud of her.

The first thing you will notice is that she is a real head turner. She looks stylish and assertive with her sloping lines.

At the heart of the Predator is our  Patented Bionic Runner motion .  It is only available from Run4, you cannot get it anywhere else. It creates a gait that has a high kickup at the back and your foot lands slightly infront of your body.

This means you are exercising the same muscle groups as running. In addition, and only found on the Bionic Runners is  the 60:40 swing stance phase timing .  This really is a game changer. When we run we spend more time in the air than on the ground. We have matched this pattern, so you get a feel and timing that more closely resembles running than any other trainer.

These two features combine to give the third unique feature of the Bionic Runners. The ability to closely  match you HR zones in running You can get your heart rate very quickly into running zones, and then keep it there. This is something that is really difficult to do on standard cross trainers. Another unique feature of the Bionic Runners is that they are the only cross trainers with a pivoting pedal. Now you are probably wondering why this is important.

Well firstly, having a pivoting pedal ensures that your foot is at the correct angle at all stages of your gait because the pedal naturally pivots with the angle your foot wants to be in. Next, it means that you are not overloading your lower leg so it is an ideal tool to use to  recover from injuries like stress fractures, Achilles injuries, plantar fasciitis, calf tears, runners knee, and ITBS Check with your medical practitioner first, but we have many customers who have successfully trainer on the BR with these injuries and swear by it.

OK lets have a close look at the Predator components

Firstly you will notice it has a large 26 inch front wheel. This provides  improved handling and comfort . They feature Kenda Mountain bike tires.

All the components are Aluminium 6061 that has been T4 and T6 heat treated. Heatreating these components  doubles the strength.

The Steering Stem has an adjustable and indexed height adjustment . It also collapses for easy transport.

There is a 90mm stem extension so your hands are at a comfortable distance. The steering tube features  ergonomic grips and bar ends.  These bar ends are great to hold on to for a  running style grip , and really help muscling up hills. The gear changer is a rotating shifter and it allow you to  select exactly what resistance you want. You will never be swapping between two gears wishing there was one in between.

The stirrups are a piece of engineering brilliance. These are not cheap welded tubes, but rather one piece of aluminium that is forged 4 times to make it’s shape. It takes the force of a 1800 tonne forge to create these beauties – to put that in perspective that is the same weight as 857 Tesla S cars! The rollers are called Stealthies. Unlike our earlier Delrin rollers,  these are quiet and have a slight feel of suspension. They are a true pleasure to use.

The pedals are extruded and the precision cnc machined and then anodised cherry red. They have  anti slip studs for traction.

The cranks are a premium 2 piece crank with large external bearings.  These cranks last a lifetime The rear 20 inch wheel has a premium Nuvinci hub. These things are state of the art. They have a great gear range, and instead of having 8 or nine individual gears, there are an infinite amount of gears.  Simply twist the gear changer on the handlebar and it will change the resistance – it is a lot like a light dimmer, it allows you to get the perfect place.

The PRedtor series are  the ultimate in stand up bikes.  You will get an  awesome run like training session , and it will be a pure pleasure to train.  Get your’s today while they are still in stock.


Your Bionic Runner normally ships next day from our warehouses in Las Vegas, London, Sydney and Shenzhen.  We normally use UPS, DHL or TNT.

We believe you will love your Bionic Runner, and so we offer a 21 day money back guarantee.

If you wish to return the Runner it must be undamaged and returned in the original packaging.

We will refund 100% of the product price, minus a $50 restocking fee and the cost of shipping in both direction

Because they are awesome, great fun and will provide a serious training advantage. In a nutshell they work. We have aged based world records holders that train on it and we have been published in the Australian Strength and Conditioning Journal and the Sports Technology Journal.

The Bionic Runner will provide you with a range of non-impact training options like fartlek, intervals,, LSD, and resistance training.

So you can increase your strength and condition and remain injury free.

It is the only running cross trainer that uses the patented 60:40 swing /stance phase timing.

Unlike an elliptical it has a high kickup at the back and your foot lands under your body.

So if you want to arrive at race day, fast, fit and uninjured, get your bionic runner now.

 We have people using the Bionic Runner that range from 5’2’’ to 6’6’’.  Unlike a bike there is not a seat to contend with so your body naturally adjusts to the most comfortable distance from the handlebars.


We require that the Runner is assembled at a bike shop to ensure your safety and to comply with the warranty conditions.