The Ultimate Training Advantage

Training with a Bionic Runner gives you a biomechanical advantage over just running. For the first time, you can split ‘running fitness training’ from ‘running form training’. This opens up entirely new, never before available training possibilities.

The advantage of training with Bionic Runner is its non-impact closed kinetic chain, which guides your feet along the footpath of a mid-foot running gait — the running style common amongst trained endurance runners. It eliminates impact fatigue and prevents joint over-extension, the two most common causes of joint, tendon and muscle related strain injuries.

By training with the Bionic Runner, you can push yourself harder than you normally would running. You’ll increase fitness, strength and endurance, so when you do run, you can focus on improving your stride efficiency and running economy.

Bionic Running Intensity

Training with the Bionic Runner is intense. You can expect to reach similar heart rates to running. And, because it has gears, it also provides dynamic resistance, so you can more accurately maintain your target heart rate zones during training.

This is particularly important for endurance athletes, where event specific preparation is all about maintaining an even pace at your lactate threshold (normally 92% HRmax).

With the Bionic Runner, you can expect to spend up to 80% of your training time within your target zone, so you can maximise the benefit from your quality training sessions.

Same Specificity As Running

The Bionic Runner is the first non-impact exercise device to match the 60 percent swing and 40 percent stance phase timing characteristic of running.

This sets the Bionic Runner apart from cross trainers. The goal of running training is to improve running-specific fitness and stride economy. As the body responds to the stress of running exercise, training causes physiological adaptations to increase the oxidation of fuel by running muscles and to deal with the carbon dioxide and lactic acid produced.

By specifically recruiting and stressing the same muscles as running, the Bionic Runner’s 60:40 swing vs stance phase timing causes similar physiological adaptations to improve running-specific fitness.